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  • Client: ADTV
  • Project Name: CINEMAZZIKA

Bringing the Stars to your Home…

Every week and in one full hour, Abu Dhabi TV’s Entertainment Movie and Music Magazine Cinemazzika, puts the stars in the Spotlight and covers all the hottest Movie Premieres,Musical events and Festivals and the latest Celebrity News from The Arab World and across the Globe.
The Show’s presenter Neerma Abdel Ghani ads her touch of Glamour by interviewing the movers and shakers of the industry on the red carpet from numerous festivals including Berlin,Cannes,Abu Dhabi,Dubai and The Oscars as well.

Over the past 3 seasons,a handful of stars have appeared on the show including Leonardo DiCaprio,Russell Crowe,Demi Moore,Khaled Youssef,Hilary Swank,Martin Scorsese,Elham Shaheen,Yusra,Ahmad El Sakka,Hind Sabri,Khaled Abou El Naga,Naomi Watts,Khaled Nabawi,Mohammed Abdo,Assi Halani,Ragheb Alama,Saber El Roubaii,and many more.

Cinemazzika…Your Ticket To The Stars!