Motion Graphics

Hedgehog was one of the first post production houses that embarked on injecting real design into its animations in Lebanon. We work closely with art directors and technical directors to achieve results that are both visually beautiful and technically strong. Agencies and production houses rely on us to inject life into their concepts and we always love to surprise them with new tricks that we have up our sleeves!!


3D Graphics

Rendering! That daunting word that gives us all the "hibidiajeebees! (watch madagascar to understand). At hedgehog however we have the two remedies! Talent & rendering power! Our team consists of 3D animators that are able to tackle all sorts of 3D tasks, from character animation to full on special effects. What ever quality you may need our 80 core high quality HP servers can crunch out those renders quickly and smoothly!


Editing Suites

no! after the cat? what cat? oh!! cut! ok!!! At hedgehog we are used to dealing with not only Italian directors but directors from all over the world! Our edit suites are all equipped with very comfortable sofas and our machines are all hidden away in a machine room. That way you can really live your film with extremely quietly designed editing suites. We are still looking for silent clicking mouses just to say 0 that you have to HEAR to believe.


Sound Design

Sitting behind a one meter thick isolated wall rests our sound designer. He is a man that expresses his emotions with sound. While most of us walk around town looking at the newest gadgets or envying the newest fashions, he secretly carries his microphone and samples sounds. It is only with such dedication that he can achieve such detailing in sound design. Its not just about whooshes and bangs, its a whole new level of detail and design… one that you have to HEAR to believe.